Baishakhi Deb gets a wheel chair costing 2 lakhs

Baishakhi Deb is a 30 yrs old employee from the I.T sector. Her story is a heartrending one – on 27.8.2006 while she was on the way to office in the cab, she along with two of her colleagues met with a gruesome accident due to the rash driving of the driver. Her two colleagues died on the spot, and Baishakhi was severely injured with a completely fractured spinal chord. The doctors have placed 98 rods and 148 screws and she is declared para-pelagic. Right from childhood Baishakhi was into badminton and even after her accident she continued to paly. She is the 1st para-badminton player lady from entire eastern India. She wishes to continue her sport and needs a wheel chair both for paying and also to have a better life. She is also looking for a job to have a sustained life.

Baishakhi hopes to participate in her first international Para badminton tournament at Indonesia and also in the world para-badminton championship at England.

In a special event held by AMF on September 29th , 2015 she was given a specialised wheel chair costing 2 lakhs to pursue her ambition of becoming a world champion in badminton

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