Spoorthi Seethamma Muruvanda

Raised Rs 79203 Donors 33 Goal Rs 500000

Spoorthi Seethamma Muruvanda is from Coorg, which is also known as the land of warriors. She has been running since 2014 May. She started running to lose weight and to overcome some personal issues that got her into depression and anxiety, but it soon became an addiction.
Below are some remarkable achievements of her that made her popular in running fraternity.
•Multiple 10kms, 3 Full Marathons
•5 Half Marathons,
• Bangalore to Mysore 150kms, 2 days
• Bangalore to Hyderabad 600kms,11 days
• Bangalore to Chennai 350kms, 6 days
• Jaipur to Delhi, Nonstop 260kms, 66hrs
• Goa to Gokarna 145kms. 2 days
• 12 hrs Mumbai Stadium run. , 75.6kms
•24hrs Bangalore stadium run, 118.5 km’s (Winner 2016)
Below is what Spoorthi has to say on Joining AMF family.
“I loved the idea behind AMF because, in India, Sports is not celebrated very well, except for Cricket. And when it comes to para-athletes, they are totally ignored though they are so very talented and capable of getting more laurels to our nation. This is a great opportunity to support them and also the Indian armed forces who have lost their limbs or arms fighting for us and for the nation. I have always had great respect for our armed forces and I feel really lucky for this opportunity to do something for them.
I would like to raise funds and help these heroes and do my bit.
I have never cycled before. So this is a herculean task for me. I am just learning now and this is a big challenge, but I am confident of overcoming my fear and making this a successful ride.”