Infinity Ride 2019 team

  • Dr. Jayapriya Ramas

    Hi! I am we Dr. Jayapriya, a 37 year old young Gastrointestinal surgeon working in the corporate sector. I am married and have a daughter- a preschooler who keeps me on my toes and gives a fresh perspective to my everyday life. I enjoy music and dancing. I love to travel and read books. My

  • Giri Yandamuri

     I am Giri an entrepreneur, cyclist, trekker. I am associated with Aditya Mehta Foundation since their first edition Of 2015 AMF ride and consistently have been selected in all their yearly rides to raise funds for disabled for their prosthetic limbs and legs. AMF is the only organisation in the world which is working relentlessly

  • Kartik Gopal

    Hi, thank you for taking time to read this. The Infinity Ride 2019 is a one of a kind event that raises funds from warm-hearted people like you, for those unfortunate to have lost a limb(s), including those in our central police forces. Your interest to support them is truly commendable. I, Kartik Gopal 48

  • Jahnvi Pandya

    I, Jahnvi Pandya am a fashion designer by profession but if someone really wants to know me I would rather say that, “I am a travel stung soul.” I believe my purpose of life is to bring joy and smile in other’s lives and traveling has given me the privilege to help others in some

  • Vikas Ruparelia

    Hi, I am Vikas, basically an Endorphin Addict, Barefoot Marathoner, Super Randonneur and one who is always looking for new challenges and to do something new. I am riding my bicycle through the hills of Uttarakhand from Dehradun to Mana Pass, along with the Aditya Mehta Foundation team this coming August. We will be hoisting