Infinity Ride 2020 team

  • Gangadhar

    I am working with tech giant Infosys for the last ten years. I  Promote cycling at Infosys and I'm active in a cycling club called thunderbolts. Recently I started a campaign to raise funds by delivering healthy BREAD by cycle to meet the medical expenses of a girl. I am also Learning to speak Japanese. I

  • Sanath

    A software developer by profession, a passionate entrepreneur, and an ardent cyclist. Solving problems is what I enjoy doing the most,I enjoy harvesting the power of technology to solve real-world problems. I've been associated with Aditya Mehta Foundation since 2015 and I've learned a lot and changed for the better. AMF has always been an

  • Akshit Mishra

    I am highly obliged that I’m a part of the Aditya Mehta Foundation. I am Akshit Mishra a 19-year-old. Striving to achieve something great in the future and these are the small footsteps I’m taking to make this world a better place to live in. I am a 4-time national-level cyclist, I know how sportsman spirit is.

  • Neetu Hariani

    My name is Neetu Hariani. By profession I am a beauty therapist and by choice I am a fitness enthusiast. Indulging in any kind of excercise helps us in ways more than we can comprehend. It gives us a feel good factor that is comparable to none. And when an experience like this is clubbed with

  • Sparsh

    I'm a ten year old and I'm the youngest rider in the group cycling 3800 kms from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. I'm in 5th class but I prefer sports to studying. I love to cycle, trek and play football. I'm very inspired by the para-athletes and want to be able to cycle as fast as they

  • Praveen Kumar

    I am a Travel Expert by profession, a foodie which leads to my hobby of being a Home Chef and exploring, an avid traveler where again, I explore new places and move around in search for more, an enthusiast in Long Distance Bike & Motorbike Riding, Love Adventure Activities. I have been an active Volunteer

  • Giri Yandamuri

    I am Giri an entrepreneur, cyclist, trekker. I am associated with Aditya Mehta Foundation since their first edition Of 2015 AMF ride and consistently have been selected in all their yearly rides to raise funds for disabled for their prosthetic limbs and legs. AMF is the only organization in the world which is working relentlessly

  • Ananya Vedwan

    I am Ananya Vedwan, a 12 year old student of Dehradun. I am not a professional cyclist but for an apart-from- daily life experience I am attending this cycling expedition from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Inspite of being disabled these para-athletes are faster than me. This inspires me to ride to the cause of raising awareness

  • Harshit Rakesh Mundra

    I'm harshit a proud below knee amputee from Pune. I'm a final year Engineering student  and I have been with Amf from 2014 and have almost participated in all the editions of infinity ride , national training camp and winter para games . I have completed few brevets, marathons as well. Why am I doing this?

  • Alabhya Lakhanpal

    I am highly obliged that I'm a part of Aditya Mehta Foundation. Not everyone gets this chance to show sheer modesty and humbleness. I am Alabhya Lakhanpal, an 18 year old, student in IHM HYD. Striving to achieve something great in future and these are the small footsteps I'm taking to make this world a

  • Arshad

    I’m an above knee amputee, one leg cyclist, and secured 4th position in hand cycling in the para Asian cycling championship. I have also participated in para mountaineering climb mt. Bhagirathi in 2019 August with the support of AMF and BSF AMF supports me in all ways possible and encourages people with disabilities to pursue

  • Akshay Singh

    I’m a below-knee amputee with bachelors of business administration from Kanpur and have bagged International book of Record (from Kanpur to Mumbai with an artificial limb), India book of record, and Asia book of Record for riding (from Kanpur to Delhi with Single-speed Cycle with an artificial limb)…And this year I’m very excited to ride from

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