Abhishek gets a calliper

AMF has supported Abhishek with a brand new cycle in 2013 and we continue to support him. He has given his personal thanks in these words, “My name is Abishek and I am big fan of Aditya Mehta Foundation and the good work they are doing. Because of Aditya Mehta Foundation, today I have a professional cycle after 9 years of cycling. I don’t know how to give thanks to Aditya Mehta Foundation.”
Despite the support given by AMF, Abhishek was still facing problems while walking because his right leg is shorter than left leg and he does not have a calliper to walk.  The calliper he currently has is very heavy (around 5kg to 7 kg) and he is unable to walk comfortably with pain at every step. AMF donated Abhisheik with a new calliper worth Rs 25,000/- in a special event held on September 29th at Inorbit Mall