Aryavardhan is presented with an imported leg worth 2.5 Lakhs

Aryavardhan is a young lad of 12 years who lost his leg in an accident. He is a child who is raised by a single mother who is also suffering from throat cancer. Aryavardhan was finding it difficult to cope without a leg. He was finding it difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle with a single leg and was under depression. Aditya Mehta came to know about the lad when his mother approached him through the foundation. He immediately went to meet him and cheer him up. He taught him that he is extremely special like Aditya himself and he needs to discover all his hidden talents. He encouraged the child to paint and draw his feelings on his artificial leg and also sketch his favourite activity which is cricket. Aryavardhan was using a Jaipur leg which is heavy and difficult to manage.

A special event was organized by AMF in Inorbit Mall on September 29th, 2015, to help para-athelets with the funds raised by Infinity Ride 2015. In this event Aryavardhan was given a special imported leg, so that the child can play and run and pursue his favourite sport of cricket with this new leg which is worth 2.5 Lakhs.