Tinkesh Kaushik gets prosthesis worth Rs.8 Lakhs

Tinkesh Kaushik met with 11,000W electric shock when he was 9 years in 2002. He was thrown 2 feet away with his left arm displaced and hanging on the branch of a tree. Both his legs were totally burnt. Tinkesh never gave up on life and pulled himself out of this stigma. The Aditya Mehta Foundation respects the efforts put in by Tinkesh and has seen a spark in him which will one day take him to great heights. In order to help him shine bright just as any other able person, the organization has come forward and donated prosthesis to him worth Rs. 8 Lakhs, and will also be training him in para-sports later on. The money for purchasing his prosthetic limbs comes from our signature Fund-Raising event: The #InfinityRide. Tinkesh plans to take up Para-Badminton and join our champions to represent our nation in the future championships, also probably in the next Paralympics. He works hard in the gym everyday to build strength in his muscles in order to be able to compete internationally.