I am Siddanti from Hyderabad and I am grateful to AMF for giving me this opportunity to ride as it’s my first time. I have been cycling since childhood and would ride mostly during summer vacations but not regularly. This is my first long distance ride. I could complete two rounds of the Necklace Road with two leads from AMF. 

My thoughts on cycling is that you should cycle as much as you enjoy the moment of being with the group and as long as you have the caliber to continue do it. Cycling is a rejuvenation way just like any other sport. 

What motivated me for this:

I am aware of AMF since 2015 and was a volunteer for one of the events in city. I am doing this ride to empower people and with the breakdowns in 2020, I wish to review myself on my strengths. Infinity Ride as a terminology has always been on my mind. I am doing this to pass on a message, with the theme of the ride and adding further that it’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss in this life path. 

When I see para-athletes and specially-abled playing sports, it shows their mental strength to overcome a trauma and how much they can add colour to life. Every person who I know through AMF has a story and their achievements are reality. With regards to specially-abled I have been with two students in my surroundings and I must say that they have a stronger IQ and more urge to perform any task with a positive spirit. 

Why am I doing this?

The Aditya Mehta Foundation is a NGO that supports physically challenged people in our nation to pursue sports and supports them from the grassroot level by providing counseling, training, equipment and helps them live a life with dignity. Since their inception the foundation has supported more than 150 para-athletes with prosthetic limbs, specialized sports equipment, and sponsorships. This sort of support costs anywhere in between Rs 40,000/- to Rs. 5 lakhs per person.

A proud moment for AMF is that many of these para athletes have won more than 100 plus national and international medals for our country. The upcoming Infinity Ride is a fundraising ride which helps the foundation support more such people, with the aim of unlocking their true potential and lead more fulfilling lives, while putting up a strong Indian Contingent at the 2024 Paralympics.

AMF is now geared up for our Infinity Ride 2021 – Hyderabad to Gokarna from December 22nd to 27th 2021. The theme for this ride, while promoting para-sports, is ‘Say No to Drugs’ and to adopt children with disability to train them in para-sports.

Together, we can all help make a difference in the world of Para-Athletes! We are excited and raring to ride! Are you?!

Contribute to make a difference.

Heartfelt Thanks to You for your contribution!

It would mean a lot to the entire Foundation if you contributed to my fundraising campaign for this cause. To donate via NEFT (preferable), you can send money to the following account:

  • Name- Aditya Mehta Foundation
  • Bank- Bank of Baroda
  • Branch- MG road
  • Account Number- 66550200000791