1st Para-Sports Rehabilitation and Training Academy in Asia

November 13, 2019 at 5:47 pm Begumpet

The foundation will be training Divyaangans from across the nation including CAPF and civilians from basic level in 15 para-sports in the Academy: Para Cycling, Para Archery, Para Shooting, Para skating, Para power lifting, Rowing and Canoeing, Para judo, Para Badminton, Para boccia, Para table tennis, Para volley ball, Para triathlon, Para Athletics, Para Swimming. 

The Academy is situated in Begumpet, the heart of Hyderabad on a 5,000 square yard area provided by the Joint Managing Trustee, Mr. J. K. Mehta with most of the equipment for each para-sport at the Academy. The Academy is a charitable trust where the person with disabilities will be provided with rehabilitation followed by screening for the para-sports. Thereafter they will be provided accommodation and food along with the basics to professional para-sports training at the boarding Academy.