8th Presentation Ceremony

April 25, 2018 at 10:00 am Tom Yum Restaurant, Hyderabad.

As always, we distribute prosthetic limbs, sports equipment and sponsorships that have been given out by our Foundation at a Public Presentation Ceremony Event. At our 8 th such Presentation Ceremony, we gave out Rs. 25 Lakhs worth of support to 12 Para-Athletes who are based out of various corners of our Nation.

It was an evening full of smiles, laughter and cheers along with our Chief Guests:
Shilpa Reddy, Fashion Designer, Trustee, AMF
Regina Cassandra, Actress, Trustee, AMF
Shri. K Durga Prasad, ex DG, CRPF; advisor to the AP Govt. Home department, Trustee, AMF
Shri. Dinakar Babu, MD, Sports Authority of Telangana State