Curtain Raiser For Infinity Ride 2016

Curtain Raiser ride on December 14, 2015 from Delhi to Mumbai.

Aditya Mehta, a para-cyclist with many amazing laurels is now launching his next ride of 1450 kms from Delhi to Mumbai starting on December 14th from India Gate, New Delhi and if everything goes according to plan, he will reach Mumbai on Sunday, December 20th.
This ride is a curtain raiser to inspire people to join the Infinity Ride 2016 from Manali to Khardungla in August. This ride is organised every year to raise funds and awareness about the people with disabilities. Supporters, friends and colleagues of the riders will donate in the name of that respective rider towards the cause. These funds will be used to train, support, and provide sports equipment to para-athletes. 
Aditya Mehta who will be riding without a prosthetic limb (pushing and pulling with one single leg), will be joined by IPS Officer, Akun Sabharwal along with few other supporters. One of the mandates of this ride is to help those who have been disabled on duty in the Military forces. 

Aditya Mehta’s Achievements

  • First Indian above knee amputee, to cycle the fastest 100 kms and enter the Limca Book of Records
  • 1st Indian Para-cyclist to win double silver medals at Para-Asian cycling championship in MC3 Category.
  • In 2013 he rode from London to Paris (530 kms 9000 feet climb) and entered the Limca Book of Records
  • In 2014 he rode from Kashmir to Kanyakumari  (3800 kms in 32 days) and entered the Limca Book of Records (2015 edition)
  • In 2015 he rode from Manali to Khardungla with a prosthetic limb, climbing 18480 ft world’s highest motorable road and entered the Limca Book of Records. During this challenging ride he was bleeding through his nose because of high altitude and there were cuts in his flesh due to the prosthetic limb rubbing on his flesh. While climbing the hilly regions there is no way he could stop in between to take rest or the rhythm will be lost and he will not be able to pick up the speed on the hill. Due to this he hurt his leg badly.
  • In 2015 he cycled the fastest 100 kms in 3 Hours and 4 minutes and broke his own record and entered the Limca Book of Records again (2016 edition)
  • In 3 years he rode 52,000 kms out of which he rode 570 kms without Prosthetic limb (pushing and pulling with one single leg). These 570 kms were from Bangalore to Hyderabad in August 2015 Infinity Ride to raise funds for para-athletes to encourage them into sports.
  • Riding from 1450 kms (riding on an average 300 kms per day) Delhi to Mumbai without a prosthetic limb in December 2015.
  • Through all these achievements Aditya Mehta Foundation could reach around 21 para-athletes and helped them with 24 items including equipment, sponsorship, travel expenses, prosthetic limbs etc., in less that 2 years.
With the inspiration and laurels that he has won for the country, he started an NGO called Aditya Mehta Foundation in 2012, which helps para-athletes who cannot afford to take up sports. This NGO helps athletes with disabilities, to take up sports and win laurels to our country. Also bring back their lost confidence in themselves.
Aditya says, “I have become a sports person only after losing my leg and I cannot emphasize more, on the fact that, pursuing a sport has given me back my lost confidence. I would like to encourage the brave men and women who have lost limbs to take up the sport of their inclination, and AMF would like to come forward to help them regain the confidence.”