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  • Nihar

    I am Nihar Baldev! I am super excited about the Infinity ride. It is a great opportunity to support para-athletes representing the future Paralympians. I am constantly up for a challenge in life. When Aditya Mehta, approached me towards this activity of Infinity Ride my only belief was "YES”!!!. It feels incredible to have an

  • Avinash

    I am Avinash Aaka from Utnoor in Adilabad. I'm working in the Panchayat Raj Department and am associated with Tribe Vibe Adventures, a trekking company here and am also a member of an NGO called Arjun Prathik Initiative. This is my first ride with AMF, thank you AMF for giving me this opportunity. What motivated

  • Lakshmi

    I am Lakshmi Sai. Wish you all a Happy Festive Season and Happy New Year 2022 in advance. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of the Infinity Ride. I am super excited as it will be a great opportunity to support para athletes or para Olympians. I am into sports yoga, meditation and long

  • Ashok

    I am Ashok Kumar from Adilabad and a student of Anthropology. I'm a traveler and adventure enthusiast, and founder of Tribe Vibe Adventures, a travelling company that deals with camping and trekking. I have been working with a local NGO here called Arjun Prathik Initiative that supports tribals. This is my first ride with Aditya

  • Shubhangi & Sanath

    Shubhangi Swaroop: I am a Homemaker with a degree in Micro-Biology. I have a passion to help people who are not as fortunate as most of us, I have been helping the children in the orphanages. I have been following Aditya Mehta Foundation for several years now as my son is a part of the

  • Ganga

    My name is Ganga and I am a core team member at the Aditya Mehta Foundation. I have been taking care of its back-end operational activities since the past six years. I'm proud to state that I happen to be one of the top fundraisers for the foundation.  During the Infinity Ride period, I take

  • Siddanti

    I am Siddanti from Hyderabad and I am grateful to AMF for giving me this opportunity to ride as it’s my first time. I have been cycling since childhood and would ride mostly during summer vacations but not regularly. This is my first long distance ride. I could complete two rounds of the Necklace Road with

  • Kavati

    I am Kavati Venkatesh and I have been cycling since the last five months; and my longest ride is 150 kms. Prior to that I noticed that I was getting depressed, so since July, I started cycling regularly and I noticed massive improvement in my mental Health. I feel better since the last few months. What

  • Krupakar

    I am Krupakar and I have been cycling regularly since the past two years, long distance cycling since the past one-and-a-half year and I have done three 100 kms rides. Cycling is a great experience and every ride has a new learning.The Infinity Ride is something where we are giving back to the society with

  • Venkatesh

    I am V. Venkatesh, an actively practicing advocate from Tirupur in Tamil Nadu. I started cycling regularly from August, 15th, 2021. So far my longest ride is 107 Kms. (100 Kms in 5 Hr. 54 Mins).  After I started cycling on a regular basis I got involved with two Cycling Clubs namely; Tirupur Riders Club

  • Ramana

    I'm Gade Ramana Reddy. The percentage of persons with physical disabilities in our country is around 2.2%. AMF strongly believes that Indian Para Athletes have humongous talent and that sports is an ideal tool of rehabilitation. A tool that will help regain confidence, opportunity and create an atmosphere of inclusiveness in the society.  What motivated

  • Prakhar

    I am Prakhar Sharma, 19-years-old. The left side of my brain has some dead cells which makes my right side paralyzed, making me 70% disabled and in medical terms I have Cerebral Palsy since birth. My parents pushed me into sports since I was a child and any kind of sport inspires me to give

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